Darren Meadows is 27. He has his routine, he has his immaculate apartment, and he has his mind. He also has Aspergers. Throughout his life he has found very few people who have understood him, so he has sequestered himself from the world. When he reached out in the past he was hurt so badly that he shut down and stopped even trying to connect with them. He finds comfort in facts. Facts don't change, and are consistent - like the rhythm of the crashing waves on the beach. It is there at the beach that he suddenly finds himself forced to connect with someone: a female someone, who has found an injured bird. Darren feels compelled to help her and as a result starts feeling emotions he thought he had buried, destroyed, obliterated from his consciousness. Darren Meadows is needed and he has never been needed before...

Bound For Greatness
A Short Film
Jimmy Gadd

© 2018 by Gadd Films, Inc.

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