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Jimmy Gadd: A little about me...

I followed my mother, actress Linda Hendrickson, around the world at a young

age filming her documentaries for academia. She developed Archaeology and

Ethnology documentaries in such places as Ireland, South Africa, France, and

many other parts of Europe and Mexico. I followed her SHOOTING THESE DOCUMENTARIES in a small three person film crew that consisted of my mother, my younger brother, Chris, and me. My mother and father both met as actors in the film and television industry and I followed, acting at 2 years old as one of the "Oscar Mayer Wiener" kids. Growing up, I was trained in acting by Bobby Ball and was a part of the Bobby Ball Agency. It wasn't until I was at Arizona State University. majoring in Business and minoring in Spanish, that I decided that I was unhappy with this current course in education.  I was TEACHING CLASSES at the University at 19 years old for college credit realizing that part of the reason I wasn’t enjoying the college atmosphere was because I was grading papers, instead of doing homework and enjoying college life. When I thought about it, I knew that MAKING FILMS WITH MY FAMILY MADE ME HAPPY and I wanted that as a career.


I decided to take a summer course in Ensenada, Mexico to learn Spanish and take classes in ethnology and anthropology. I lived there for several months and it was then that I was given the opportunity to make a short documentary with a few other students on the "Mercado Negro" fishing industry. I directed and edited the documentary. This being my first personal project thus finding a new passion.


The following months. I enrolled into film school in my HOMETOWN of

Scottsdale, Arizona where I found even more of a creative environment. I quickly grew at Scottsdale College's film program. Later that summer, I interned on Michael Mann's "ALI" where I met the famed photographer of Muhammad Ali, Howard Bingham. Howard also served as the Executive Producer on the film. I became good friends with Howard and he has been a great mentor to me. I was an intern for only one month and returned back to school in Arizona to finish my last year. From that experience, I was able to return the following summer. I became an ASSISTANT EDITOR after graduating from the two year film school. My good friend, Lori Ball, had undergone the transition from Assistant Editor to Lead Editor on the feature film, “The Kiss.” I also worked with her on the film, “Sueno.” where I entered the Motion Editors Guild Union. only being my second feature.


From there, I decided to complete my DEGREE IN SCREENWRITING at California State University, Northridge where I GRADUATED WITH HONORS. When I graduated, I immediately got work on the FX TV show. “DIRT,” starring Courteney Cox I began editing the previously on's for the show, polishing my editing skills. I then moved to the hit CBS/Warner Brothers series, “THE MENTALIST,” where I transitioned to full editor. I was accepted and graduated from the prestigious Warner Brother's Directing Program, taught by Bethany Rooney. I've recently directed a short film that's in the festival circuit called, "Bound For Greatness." It stars Keir O'Donnell (Wedding Crashers, American Sniper, Fargo), Karen Gillan (Dr. Who, Selfie, Guardians of the Galaxy), and Tim Kang (The Mentalist).

I transitioned into VFX Editing on STEVEN SPIELBERG'S "AMAZING STORIES" for Apple TV+ and on Paramount's first 4K feature, "Clifford the Big Red Dog," due in theaters November 2021.


I've recently produced the Political Thriller, "DEEP IN THE FOREST," coming to theaters soon. I've also produced the feature documentaries, "The Phoenician - The Rise and Fall of the Pistoleros" and "The Great Train Robbery: A Tale of Two Thieves for theatrical release and Netflix.


I could not have accomplished any of this without the INVALUABLE SUPPORT

of my family, Bobby Ball and her family, and the numerous mentors I've had in my schooling and professional life. I especially thank my mom, Lori Ball, Chris Cibelli, Howard Bingham, Simon Baker, Tom Verica, Eric Laneuville, and Chris Long for their mentoring and opportunities.

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